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Precision Water Level

New Standard PWL Kits are Here!

Our new Standard PWL Kits use precision made urethane water cups, which are durable, highly accurate, and inexpensive. An entire 4-cup kit is under $2,000, providing most users with a full return on investment in a single use. Visit our PWL page to learn more.

4-cup Standard Kit

PWL’s Patent Protection

In my post about meeting Congressman Don Beyer, I mentioned intellectual property. This got me thinking and I decided it would be good to write a brief post about the patents that protect our investment in developing the Precision Water Level. The PWL device, system, and method used to measure level and flatness are protected by U.S. Patents 9,587,940 and 9,273,988 “Precision Hydrostatic Level and Flatness Measuring Device, System and Method”, which we mention on this site and include in our literature and user manual. The use of any tool to measure level or flatness according to the methods recited in our claims that we do not manufacture infringes on our patent, regardless of the reason the tool was created. It’s also important to know that we haven’t authorized anyone else to make, sell, advertise, or import the tools recited in our claims. Owners of our PWLs are granted a license to use our method only for a PWL device manufactured by our company. For example, if you purchase an eight-cup PWL kit, with a second micrometer assembly and four additional cups all manufactured by our company, you are receiving a license to use our method to conduct one level or flatness measurement at a time per micrometer assembly at one measurement location per cup, so in this case two measurements at a time at twelve measurement locations. In other words, we’re selling a tool that should not be copied. Never purchase any duplicates or knock-offs and please let us know if you come across any. While we will rigorously enforce our patent, we hope to avoid this by offering great value through low prices, different models, excellent customer service, rentals,  and a high quality tool that often results in a return on investment for our customers of 4 months or less. To learn more, visit our PWL page.

Made in the U.S.A.

We very much appreciate our U.S. customers asking if our Precision Water Levels are made in the United States, especially since we are a veteran-owned business. The answer is, yes, all of our PWL parts are made in the U.S.A and all assembly, calibration, customer support, and other office functions are done in the U.S.A.