Our PWL prices are subject to change. Based on our 1st quarter 2017 price sheet, all of our 4 to 8-cup PWL models are under $10,000 with some under $2,000. For information on other tools, please visit the contact us page.

Please also contact us if you wish to purchase or rent a PWL and if possible, include a brief description of your project(s). PWL models vary in accuracy, durability, and weight. PWL water cups are magnetized, but if you you’re going to take measurements on a non-metal surface, then a heavier model will help reduce inadvertent movement of the cups.

Rental options and policies vary by tool.

Note: No other individuals or companies are authorized to produce, sell, import, or repair our products or use our logo or name. If you encounter anything questionable, please let us know. Selling, purchasing, or renting a replica or knockoff directly or as part of a service is a violation of our patent. Click here to learn more about our patent protection.