EDS Precision Systems, LLC

Welcome to EDS Precision SystemsTM. We manufacture and repair a high-end Tightwire Alignment Tool Kit (TATK) and the patented PWL – a must-have tool for anyone leveling large machinery or precision foundations. PWLs typically reduce leveling time by 80% or more, are accurate to +/- 0.0001 inches at up to 200 feet (+/- 2.5 µm at up to 61m) in stable conditions, are inexpensive, portable, do not require line of sight, and are easy to use (no certification required).

For more information on the PWL, please watch this video (*pricing has changed from that in the video – please visit the Pricing page), visit the PWL page, or contact us. For more information on the TATK, please visit the TATK page or contact us. For more on our history and relationship with Equipment Development Services, please our History page. Equipment Development Services and the Rochester, NY based EDS Measurement Systems produce other tools identified on this site and their contact information is also on the contact page.