Tightwire Alignment Tool Kit

Our Tightwire Alignment Tool Kit (TATK) is a high-end tool used to align diaphragms utilizing the tight wire technique. Customers of our TATK include GE, Kiewit, and Siemens. The kit contains two micrometer head assemblies to facilitate large and small diameter diaphragms and bores. The system operates using an electric charge from the power supply, such that when the micrometer assembly and attached extension rods connect the surface to the wire, the electrical circuit is completed and a click can be heard in the headset. This method allows for very accurate measurements and alignment. Everything is included in the kit except for a 30-pound weight to maintain tension on the wire (needed when measuring horizontally) and mounting brackets specific to your equipment, such as brackets to attach the TATKs adjustable brackets to a steam turbine.