Precision Water Level (PWL): a highly accurate system designed to determine accuracy or flatness. Fundamentally, the PWL saves time while providing the highest accuracy among leveling systems. It has become popular with engineers and technicians because it:

    • Is very easy to use and requires minimal training
    • Does not require line of sight and includes its own power and lighting
    • Is extremely accurate (up to 0.0005 of an inch at 100 feet)
    • Is quick to setup
    • Is portable (an 8-cup system weighs ~25 pounds)
    • Allows new readings to be taken off of the same reference point after adjustments are made to the surface(s) being measured

For more information visit our PWL page.

Tightwire Alignment Tool Kit (TATK): a high-end tool used to align diaphragms utilizing the tight wire technique. For more information, visit our TATK page.

Concentricity Alignment Tool (CAT; also known as an ERAG): manufactured by EDS Measurement Systems, Inc. in Rochester, NY, this tool is used to concentrically align turbine diaphragms to the shaft of the turbine. There are now three measuring heads available that cover the range of most turbines including some of the smaller marine turbines.

More information is available on EDS Measurement Systems’ CAT page.

Electronic Adjustable Measuring Parallels (EAMP): The EAMP is no longer in production. For more information, reach out to EDS Measurement Systems.

Tightwire Alignment Tool Kit (TATK)sed to align diaphragms utilizing tight wire technique.

  • Contains vertical and horizontal adjustable ball bearing wire end supports.
  • Complete package including headphones and measuring micrometer with extensions.
TATK Case Open
Electronic Adjustable Measuring Parallels (EAMP)

  • Used to measure widths of slots or openings in hard to reach places.
  • Functions similar to regular machinist adjustable parallels but electronic.
  • Available in three reach lengths, 5 inch, 12 inch and 17 inch.
  • Remote readout allows measurements to be taken without extracting tool.
EAMP-12 Case Open
Precision Water Level (PWL)

  • Used to measure level or flatness of a horizontal surface.
  • Used to measure the level of large machinery
  • Very accurate.
  • Simple to use and understand.
Precision Water Level in Carrying Case